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Felix Nylund: Sculptures on the façade of Wuorio House, 1928. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

Wuorion talon julkisivuveistokset / Sculptures on the façade of Wuorio House

Artist Felix Nylund

, Helsinki

There are four sculptures depicting male figures on the façade of Wuorio House. They were made by sculptor Felix Nylund in 1913-1914. The naked male figures symbolise, from left to right, science, trade, industry and handicrafts. They were installed here in 1928. The sculptures do not belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum. Completed in 1909, Wuorio House is one of the most famous buildings designed by the short-lived architect Herman Gesellius (1874-1916). The house is located in the Dromedaari block at Unioninkatu 30.

The most famous work of sculptor Felix Nylund is The Three Smiths in front of the Old Student House.

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