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Eteläinen Rautatiekatu 8, 00100 Helsinki

HAM Tennis Palace is located in the Helsinki city centre right next to Kamppi Shopping Centre. You can easily reach us from anywhere in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area using public transport. Check the Journey Planner for the optimal public transport options.


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At HAM you can always visit some of our exhibitions free of charge!


Guided tours and workshops

The guided tours held on Saturdays are open to all visitors for the price of the admission ticket.

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HAM’s ticket counter and entrance are located on the second floor of Tennis Palace, which is accessible using lifts located in the vicinity of all the exits. On the Eteläinen rautatienkatu end there is an escalator leading directly to the museum ticket counter. The exhibition facilities are located on two floors. Lift access to the upper exhibition floor (3rd floor) is locate in the inner lobby of the museum.


For schools and kindergartens

HAM offers affordable guided tours for comprehensive school, upper secondary school and vocational school pupils. We recommend reserving guided tours at least two weeks in advance.

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Helsinki Art Museum Helsingin taidemuseo Helsingfors konstmuseum

HAM – an art museum that is the size of Helsinki

The Helsinki Art Museum, HAM, looks after an art collection that belongs to the people of Helsinki, which includes over 9,000 works of art. Almost half of these works are on display in parks, streets, offices, health centres, schools and libraries, to brighten up everyone’s day. HAM draws attention to modern art and contemporary art in its exhibitions which are held principally at the Tennis Palace.

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Current exhibitions

Eero Nelimarkka: Punaiset tohvelit, 1917 © Yksityiskokoelma / Kuva: HAM / Maija Toivanen

Eero Nelimarkka

Until 4.2.2018

The exhibition presents a less well-known side of the art of Eero Nelimarkka (1891–1977). Its focus is on the artist’s early works from the 1910s and 1920s that were inspired by new artistic trends in Paris.

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Tove Jansson © Per Olov Jansson

Tove Jansson


The works of Tove Jansson (1914–2001) are amongs the most cherished pieces in the HAM collection. HAM has dedicated some of its galleries to an exhibition of the artist's life and works.

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Erkka Nissinen: Tilaa massa tilassa massa litassa maalit: ali tila, 2013 © HAM / Kuva: Maija Toivanen

Erkka Nissinen: Material Conditions of Inner Spaces

Until 14.1.2018
HAM mix

Video work follows the journey of three men on foot in a city as they come across situations in which social norms or the abuse of power has put people in a tight spot.

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Reality Research Centre: Work 5.0 – BREAD

Until 23.12.2017
HAM corner

Work 5.0 – BREAD is a bakery, forum, workshop and live installation.

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Jussi TwoSeven: ROAR27, 2017. HAM / kuva: Maija Toivanen

Jussi TwoSeven: ROAR27

HAM metro

ROAR27 consists of a painting resembling the head of a bear and a site-specific logo installation. Surrounded by the urban buzz of the metro station, the work is a powerful comment in defence of nature.

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Tällä viikolla HAMissa vietetään Eero Nelimarkka -teemaviikkoa. Juhlistamme Tennispalatsin 80-vuotista historiaa Eero Nelimarkan näyttelyyn liittyvillä opastuksilla ja taidepajoilla. Viikon aikana järjestettävissä Taidepajoissa tutkitaan valoa ja varjoa sekä opetellaan kasvojen piirtämisen aakkoset. Pajat toimivat nonstop-periaatteella ja mukaan pääsee aina kun taidepajassa on tilaa. https://www.hamhelsinki.fi/event/eero-nelimarkka-taidepaja/ We are celebrating 80 years of history in Tennispalatsi with guided tours and workshops related to the exhibition of Eero Nelimarkka’s work. The workshops organised during the Eero Nelimarkka Week will explore light and shadow and show us how to draw human faces. You can join the nonstop workshop whenever there is room. https://www.hamhelsinki.fi/en/event/eero-nelimarkka-workshop/ #HAMHelsinki #eeronelimarkka #teemaviikko #nelimarkkarahasto #helsinki #myhelsinki @helsinkiofficial @myhelsinki Kuva:Eero Nelimarkka: Omakuva (yksityiskohta), 1914 © Yksityiskokoelma / Kuva: Hanna Kukorelli @hannaaaz


#suomikuvahaaste aiheena: paikka. Tietysti Tennispalatsi! Tennispalatsi valmistui vuonna 1937 - tasan 80 vuotta sitten! - ja sitä pidetään yleisesti yhtenä funtionalismin merkkirakennuksista Helsingissä. #HAMHelsinki #tennispalatsi #helsinki #myhelsinki @myhelsinki @helsinkiofficial kuva: @maijatoi


8.11. #suomikuvahaaste Aihe: Ajatus/lainaus Jukka Korkeilan sitaatti Nautinto-näyttelystä. Nautinto avoinna enää 12.11. asti. #HAMHelsinki #nautinto #helsinki #myhelsinki @helsinkiofficial @myhelsinki


Piru on yksi Hugo Simbergin symbolististen fantasiakertomusten keskeinen hahmo. Simbergin teoksissa piru ei ole yksioikoisen paha vaan saa usein lempeitä ja inhimillisiä piirteitä. Yksityiskohta Hugo Simbergin teoksesta Piru soittaa vuodelta 1896 ©HAM/Katarina ja Leonard Bäcksbackan kokoelma #HAMHelsinki #diadelosmuertos #halloween #pyhäinpäivä #helsinki #Helsinkiläistentaidekokoelma #myhelsinki @myhelsinki @helsinkiofficial


Lake Landscape has been printed on the costumes of the opera choir. Opera singer Tatja Romanova-Vorontsova helps out with the fitting of the dress. © HAM / Hanna Kukorelli

Lake Landscape, Kalevalanmaa and HAM

9.11.2017 14:57

Lake Landscape from the collections of HAM has been included in the stage costume design of Kalevalanmaa (The Land of Kalevala), a major production of the Finnish National Opera and the Finnish National Ballet. The painting has been printed on the costumes of the choir, creating a lake landscape providing a background for the performance. …

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Cris af Enehielm: Elämä on yhtä juhlaa, 2017, ripustus Arbikseen © HAM / Hanna Kukorelli

Works by Cris af Enehielm to Arbis

6.11.2017 11:28

Two new public artworks have been installed at Arbis, the Swedish-language adult education centre in Helsinki. Cris af Enehielm’s oil paintings Life is One Long Party and Swing (2017) both celebrate the sense of joy and community that characterise the atmosphere at Arbis. The arrival of the paintings at Arbis on Dagmarinkatu will be celebrated on …

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Gilbert & George and the year 2018 at HAM

26.10.2017 9:20

In autumn 2018, HAM will presents Finland’s first-ever exhibition featuring the world-famous British artist-duo Gilbert & George. Sometimes called ‘a living sculpture’, the two artists not only pose as models in their photographic works, their deliberate mannered style and public appearances are a performance unto themselves. Gilbert & George not only make art, they areart.

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Ville Valo © Ville Juurikkala

Ville Juurikkala’s HIM photo exhibition at Helsinki Art Museum and Tiketti Galleria – a part of Tuska 20-year anniversary

24.5.2017 9:56

Tuska Festival, Tiketti Galleria and HAM present a unique project at HAM corner by the most famous Finnish rock photographer, Ville Juurikkala. Juurikkala documents the legendary band HIM as they prepare for their farewell tour in his project titled “HIM: Right Here In My Eyes”.

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© HAM / Maija Toivanen

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