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Fallkullan muistijäljet / Fallkulla Footsteps

Artist Ryhmä ARBA

, Helsinki

The environment work Fallkulla Footsteps located in the new residential area conveys the history of the local area in discreet ways. The work consists of a series of imaged surfaces which are situated in the yards of the local living houses. The graphic images adorne coloured concrete elements, which are embedded in the ground near the path and playing areas. They are immersed at different heights from ground to seating height.

The subject matter of the images shows aspects of the local history such as residents’ own old photographs and the history of a detached house. There are also references to the local vegetation, carpet patterns, as well as texts and literature. The simple and freely placed concrete surfaces knit together a technique and language of expression with memories of the old milieu and tell stories of a past world to the contemporary residents.

In 2002, Helsingin Asuntotuotantotoimikunta (transl. The Helsinki Housing Production Department) commissioned the ARBA-group to create the art work. The group had previously completed a similar work for the Arabianranta locality. Members of the ARBA-group engaged in the project were artists Päivi Kiuru, Samuli Naamanka, Merja Salonen and Eeva Kaisa Berry. Corresponding arts projects have been created in the areas Fallkulla, Arabianranta, and Ruoholahti.

The work doesn’t belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum.

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