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Jaakko Tolvanen: Karl August Wrede, 1966. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

Karl August Wreden muistokohokuva / Karl August Wrede

Artist Jaakko Tolvanen

Haagan sankaripuisto, Haaga, Helsinki

K. A. Wrede (1859-1943) was one of the architects whose dream was to turn Helsinki into a full-blown international metropolis. Baron Wrede designed imposing commercial buildings on Pohjois- Esplanadi and Aleksanterinkatu streets, the `Wrede’s palace’ and the Central building. Their courtyards allowed passage through the buildings between the city’s main streets and contained shops and cafes. Wrede also designed villas and, following religious awakening, various religious buildings. He was active in urban missionary work and designed the Helsingin Kaupunkilähetys a prayer house, known as `Betania’. K.A. Wrede’s architecture is rather eclectic, freely combining various historical styles in a single building. In Wrede’s time, ornamental revivalism was already beginning to lose ground to Art Nouveau.

Jaakko Tolvanen’s memorial depicts K.A. Wrede and his wife in serious and realistic relief. The following text is inscribed underneath: “Furuberg 1908-1943 Verkat inom Finska Missionssällskapet Hemmets motto var: Jag och mitt hus vi vilja tj¿na Herren. Työskentelivät Suomen Lähetysseurassa Kodin tunnuksena oli: Minä ja minun perheeni palvelemme Herraa. (Worked in the Finnish Missionary Society Their motto was I and my family serve the Lord.)

The relief is from 1966 and it is cast in bronze. It doesn’t belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum.

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