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Paula Blåfield: Mamma, 2006. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum


Artist Paula Blåfield

, Helsinki

Mamma by the ceramic artist Paula Blåfield (b. 1960) is located near the student housing area on the Swedish-language campus of Arabianranta. Standing 3 metres tall and weighing 7.5 tonnes, Mamma is made of blue concrete, except for the flame-like “tuft of hair” on top, which is made of bronze.

Blåfield’s ceramic sculptures frequently depict mythic creatures or anthropomorphic animals. Her works often have an intense colour, an expressive shape and a mystical content, Mamma in Arabianranta being a case in point. However, Mamma can also be interpreted quite simply as a soft-contoured protector who extends a benevolent welcome to residents and visitors alike.

Preparing for the sculpture competition, the artist considered what the students would need, which gave her the idea of giving them a collective mother. Instead of hair, the golden flame at the top of the work can also be seen to symbolise ideas.

The Pro Artibus Foundation was actively involved in the acquisition of this and eight other artworks in the area. The work does not belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum.

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