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Leo Laukkanen: Memorial plaque for Annalanmäki hospice, 1965. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum / Hanna Kukorelli

Memorial plaque for Annalanmäki hospice

Artist Leo Laukkanen

, Helsinki

Annalanmäki hospice was founded in 1555 on the western shore of the Vanhankaupunginlahti bay, where the city of Helsinki had been founded by order of Gustav Wasa a few years earlier. In addition to the hospice, there was also a church and probably a school in the Old Town. When the population of the city moved later southwards, concentrating around the present-day Senate Square, the first wooden church in Helsinki was given for the hospice. The hospice treated both ill patients and people incapable of work. According to old documents, the inmates in the hospice of Helsinki on the Annalanmäki hill at the end of the 16th century numbered less than 20.

The work has been relocated in to an auditorium of N-Building in Koskela Health Center.

The work belongs to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum.

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