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Mick La Rock: Graffiti at Baana, 2018. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum / Hanna Kukorelli

Mick La Rock’s Graffiti at Baana

© Artist

Baana, Helsinki

Baana received its share when Graffiti, the grand spring exhibition 2018 at HAM Helsinki Art Museum, brought international icons of the field to Helsinki. In conjunction with the exhibition, Blade, the living legend of graffiti, and the Amsterdam-based graffiti maker Mick La Rock, created new wall paintings at the Antinkatu underpass.

Mick La Rock, alias Mickey (born 1970), is an established, Amsterdam-based graffiti artist. Having painted since 1983, she is one of the first and internationally best-known female artists in the graffiti culture. Since the beginning, her pseudonym Mickey, realised in different typefaces, has served as the basis for her graffiti. Over the years, Mick la Rock’s imagery has become more geometric, and her latest murals are simplified wall paintings finished in color scale and style. Mick la Rock has participated in international joint exhibitions since the early 1990s, and her works have been presented in dozens of publications.

The work at Baana was realised with the help of Helsinki-based graffiti artist KISS.

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