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Pekka Helin: Untitled, 2000. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

nimetön / no title

Artist Pekka Helin

Itämerentori 2, Helsinki

Architect Pekka Helin (1945-) designed the work together with Sitra (the Finnish Innovation Fund). The plan included the objective that out of the view of Länsiväylä a park or an art work was to be created. At the same time, the work was intended to work as a closed element along the pedestrian street Morsiamenkatu.

The idea of the work came from the Tammisaari rocky islet, which remained in the harbour area filling its waterbed until the 1920s. The work, of which colour comes form the Cor-ten steel, has turned brown in time just like the harbour bed. On its top surface are round holes, from which acid resistant steel poles are protruding – as a reminder of the harbour’s grass reeds. They were welded with a pole inside with a lighting fixture, which glows in the direction of the poles’ light fibres. The light effect has nevertheless been left unused since the effect was drowned by the ample steet lighting in the area. The work was produced in Estonia. It doesn’t belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum.

Pekka Helin has designed other works such as those located at the Nokia house, the main offices of the company Ilmarinen, Leppävaara’s community centre and the Parliament’s extension-the Little Parliament.

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