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Inka Nieminen: See nothing, Hear nothing, Say Nothing, 2002 (removed). You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

See nothing, Hear nothing, Say Nothing

Artist Inka Nieminen

, Helsinki

The three brick-red monkeys were in the sandbox at the Savotta kindergarten as a part of Inka Nieminen’s work See Nothing, Hear Nothing, Say Nothing. The work was paid from the building budget and erected in summer 2002 in the yard of the day-care centre designed by Alli Architects. Cast in concrete, the monkeys measure 70-90 cm in height.

Another outdoor animal sculpture by Inka Nieminen is in Oulu. Roof Rabbits is an installation in several parts, both indoors and outdoors, at Saarela school and kindergarten.

The art piece was damaged and has been removed in 2016.

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