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Pekka Kauhanen: The Fragrant Step, 1988. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

Tuoksuva askel / The Fragrant Step

Artist Pekka Kauhanen

Karpalopolku 5, Helsinki

Pekka Kauhanen’s (b. 1954) Fragrant Step (1988) is located at the edge of a small square in Kurkimäki. It belongs to his Step series, along with Wobbly Step and Gothic Step. The piece was cast in bronze as a single piece at the Herttoniemi art foundry. Kauhanen made Fragrant Step when he was going through a period of transition in his career. It has certain similarities to his memorial to Finland’s long-time president Urho Kekkonen, erected in Kajaani in 1988. The Helsinki City Art Museum acquired the piece in autumn 1997 through the Association of Finnish Sculptors. The piece is set on a circular pedestal that also functions as a resting place in the little square.

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