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Inma Herrera: They change their body into spirit

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A delicate thread, defining the states of matter, dances within a vast expanse. Geology, chemistry, physics, metallurgy, and alchemy—all converge upon a shared focal point. From seemingly disparate and humanistic perspectives, they seek to unravel the enigmas of matter and its transformations.

Inma Herrera, 2023.

Nestled among the group of transitional metals, copper transcends its role as a mere trace element that maintains the balance of the human body. It stands as one of the earliest metals harnessed by humanity to craft tools and utensils. Today, copper continues to serve us as a conduit for electricity and a safeguard for transporting water.

Inma Herrera‘s exhibition They change their body into spirit embarks on a journey that unveils the multifaceted essence of this element. In an intriguing dialogue, water and fire entwine within the processes of smelting, crystallization, and solidification. The artist employs mineral ores, wires, plates, rods, bases, stalactites, tubes, and chemical compounds to confront material states that oscillate between the territories that human sciences strive to control and the inexplicable mysteries of the existing creative life forces.

Inma Herrera (Madrid, Spain) is a Helsinki-based artist, recipient of the 2020 Ducat Prize and a former resident at the Royal Academy of Spain in Rome from 2017 to 2018, employs printmaking as her expressive language. She dissects and deconstructs the syntax of this medium, crafting installations that bridge printmaking, sculpture, and video, establishing both conceptual and material connections.

This exhibition owes its existence to the generous support of AC/E, SKR, TAIKE, Boliden (Harjavalta / Kevitsa), Helsingin Rauta Oy, Koskensaari Oy, and Varnia Oy.

Special thanks to the Embassy of Spain.

The exhibitions of HAM gallery in 2023 are supported by the Finnish Heritage Agency.