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Denise Ziegler: Child Bike Seat – at Home in Movement, 2021. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Denise Ziegler.

Child Bike Seat – at Home in Movement

Artist Denise Ziegler

All over the city, Helsinki

How can you be at home, surrounded by safe frameworks, while also moving about a public space? This is the kind of experience that Denise Ziegler (b. 1986) studies in her work of art Child bike seat – at home in Movement. In a child seat, the child and the familiar adult carrying them are close to each other, and the seat conforms to the body and provides protection. The situation is safe and home-like – yet, at the same time, they are moving about in a public space.

This work of art consists of all bicycles that have a child seat attached and that are present in Helsinki’s public spaces – whether they are parked in front of a shop or an office or on their way across the city, and whether there is a child in the seat or not. The piece is conceptual and a part of Ziegler’s artistic research. The work of art is realised every time a bicycle with a child seat is present, on the move or appearing somewhere: in urban life, this happens daily. The piece can also expand from Helsinki to elsewhere in the world. It has its digital home in the HAM collection, the website for public art and the service map of Helsinki.

“The piece consists of numerous living moments, instead of reminding us of moments past like public works of art often do. In this conceptual work of art, new changing constellations of homes on the move are constantly forming,” Ziegler says.

The work of art belongs to the collection of HAM (Helsinki Art Museum).

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