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You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum

Hans van Sandenin hautakivi / Hans van Sanden’s gravestone

Artist Robert Stigell

, Helsinki

Hans van Sanden (died in 1590) was a rich merchant from the Netherlands who begun to trade in Helsinki in the 1550s, mainly with German cities. He married Anna Henrikintytär of the Jägerhorn family and also adopted their arms. He also gained the family’s mansion Båtsvik. Together with his wealth, joining the landed gentry secured van Sanden and his descendants a high social standing among the Helsinki bourgeoisie. In 1890, Robert Stigell made a copy of Hans van Sanden’s gravestone. It is a low stone slab with a coat of arms and the text “Hans van Sanden end sine erven anno domino 1590”. The stone is surrounded by four posts and a chain

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