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Emma Jääskeläinen: Put put, 2020. Du får inte använda foto i kommersiellt syfte. © Foto: Helsingfors konstmuseum / Hanna Kukorelli

Put put

© Visual Artist Association Kuvasto

Adriananpuistikko, Helsinki

A public art work Put put by artist Emma Jääskeläinen (born 1988) is located in Adriananpuistikko park in Herttoniemenranta, Helsinki. The work consists of two parts. The larger shell-like shape of the piece, which is located on the paving in the park, is carved from light granite. The smaller shape resembling a pearl is made from spectrolite and it is located in the green area.

According to Emma Jääskeläinen, the idea of a shell and a pearl was inspired by the nautical atmosphere of the area under construction and children’s outdoor games. She views the shell as a messenger with something quite otherworldly and strange about it, in addition to familiarity and identifiability. The pearl has slipped outside the shell and rolled into the vegetation. “The pearl has rolled into the wetland like a football. There it will disappear out of view from time to time as the vegetation grows and the level of the water collecting in the wetland rises, keeping the work in a constant state of flux”, Jääskeläinen says.

The work of art is commissioned by HAM Helsinki Art Museum and is included in to HAM’s art collection.

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