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Heikki Häiväoja: Cooperation monument, 1967. You may not use this photo for commercial purposes. © Photo: Helsinki Art Museum / Hanna Kukorelli

Yhteistyö-monumentti / Cooperation monument

Artist Heikki Häiväoja

, Helsinki

Informalist influences are strongly in evidence in the “Cooperation Monument”. The opposition between the intact outer surface and the organically fluid inside are reminiscent of Häiväoja’s earlier bronze works. The water pool which originally was a part of the work reflected the demarcation of the boundary between man-made space and the elements of nature. The movements of the reflections on the water’s surface, its mirror-world created a constantly changing dimension.

The comprehensive design of “Cooperation Monument” and its architectural backdrop is graceful and has also received praise from customers of the shopping centre.
The work is made of concrete and its height is 11.4 metres. It was completed in 1967.

Heikki Häiväoja represented Finland at the Venice Biennial in 1966 and at the Sao Paulo Biennial in 1961 and 1967. Other works in the City by Häiväoja include “Urbanist”, “Memorial to Adolf Erik Nordenskiöld”, “Memorial to Women in Times of War” and “Concrete Symphony”.

The work doesn’t belong to the collections of the Helsinki Art Museum.

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